Bit late

Posting this a bit late today. I’m in Atlanta, Georgia at the moment visiting family here. Actually staying at the house my aunt Sara and uncle Phil have on their property I had never seen before.

Funny thing is, Phil is the person that convinced me to start a company; to become an entrepreneur. I didn’t always plan to be an entrepreneur. My order for my desired profession as I grew older was fire fighter, then everything, then everything but a wrestler, then quantum physicist, then game developer, and finally entrepreneur after all those.
On a trip to the beach in North Carolina in 2009, I one day took a walk with Phil. He asked me about what I wanted to do from this point forward since I would be graduating high school the next year. I told him I wanted to make games, and after getting a bit more specifics, he asked where I wanted to work. I said that I didn’t really know for sure, but named a few companies whose work I was fond of.

Quickly after that, Phil told me that he thought I should start my own company instead of working somewhere else. He gave several reasons, along the lines of having to do the grunt work when working at other places, and being able to have freedom when working on my own.

Much like other times in my life, I made a decision that day that didn’t seem as large as it would end up being. I didn’t know how soon after that that it would all be beginning, either (which ended up being 2011, or 2010 depending on how you look at it). Being an entrepreneur in games has transformed my life in a huge way, and I’m glad that I had that talk with my uncle on the beach that day.

Until next time,

~David Klingler