Self-perpetuating Situation

The past few weeks have been something else. In fact, this whole year has been something else for me.

I’ve dealt with a lot of death this year, feeling alone, setbacks in business, and anhedonia (lack of enjoyment in things previously enjoyable), among other things. Then just this past weekend the game won an award at Siege 2016 (2nd place in Excellence in Game Development), held in Atlanta, Georgia.

Sure, it was nice to win the award, and I’m proud of what Solanimus has created as a team, but at the same time, there are some things in games that are really bothering me.

It has to do with the state of the industry as a whole. Anyone familiar with my views on the industry know that I love it and at the same time hate certain things about it. I’m strongly feeling that this beautiful industry of games is in a self-perpetuating state that promotes elitism and stagnation of progress in the medium.

…I had to leave while writing this post yesterday and spent some time with my cousin Gabe here in Atlanta. My cousin plays a certain MMO from Korea, and despite saying he hates the game, he seems to play it more than any other game. 

There’s really nothing good going on in that game from what he talks to me about. Just the publisher making money, and players wasting time. When I see things like that happening, it bothers me.

I know that just about any game reviewer that would see that game and then look at the games my friends in game development make, they would say the former is better. I just know it, but it’s disturbing. 

How do we want this era in games to go down in history? Should it be about crunch time, hyper realistic graphics, ridiculous levels of polish, and hand-holding gameplay? Or, should it be about the medium moving people emotionally and positively affecting lives?

I’ll leave you with that thought this week.

Until next time,

~David Klingler